How to transfer crypto from trust wallet to coin base

It is quite common that one might need to transfer crypto assets from one wallet to another for various purposes like shifting crypto for tax relaxations, colleague or family related transfers, wallet maintenance, or even in case of closing multiple crypto wallets and shifting all assets into one, etc.

How to transfer crypto from trust wallet to coin base

Reason does not matter but the right and detailed steps are required to follow carefully. In our case we are going to discuss How to Transfer crypto from a trust wallet to a coin base in this detailed guide that helps you avoid every complication during the process.

Steps to transfer crypto from trust wallet to coinbase

Before moving straight up to How to transfer crypto from trust wallet to coin base let’s see the major mistake often people commit during the process.

The people follow the appropriate process following but are not able to get the sent crypto to their Coinbase wallet.

The reason behind this is that the trust wallet contains two types of cryptocurrencies that are pure cryptocurrency(ERC-20) and Binance-pegged cryptocurrency (BEP-20).

If Binance pegged cryptocurrency by any chance then it is not going to reflect in Coinbase wallet so mind this thing carefully during the transfer.

Note that transferring pure cryptocurrency, as well as Binance-pegged cryptocurrency, are two individual processes and for this article, we cover only the prior one.

Here are simple 6-step procedure packed with each required detail about how to transfer Crypto from trust wallet to coin base:

  1. Login into the Coinbase Wallet application

We need to log in to our suitable Coinbase application actively from the start during the whole process.

  1. Copy the wallet’s generated crypto address

In the application, within the home screen there are various options available such as Buy, swap, send, receive, and scan. From these tap on the receive icon. Then Select the asset box and here one needs to select the crypto that they want to transfer from the trust wallet.

After selecting the crypto a QR code and Address appeared on the screen. Copy this address and on the safer side, save it on a notepad.

Then tap on the share address icon after copying and pasting the address on the notepad.

  1. Log into the Trust Wallet application

Log in to the account of the trust wallet from which you want to transfer crypto to Coinbase. After logging in there are various options that are available on the screen such as send, receive, swap, buy, and scan similar to the Coinbase application.

This time we need to select the send option.

  1. Select the crypto for transfer

After hitting the send option there is a list of your crypto shown on the screen. Select the crypto that you desired to transfer.

  1. Paste the copied Coinbase address

Now, there is a screen in front of you that requires an address. Simply paste the copied address that we get in Step 2 from the Coinbase application.

After this enter the amount of crypto that you want to send and in case of the whole tap on the max option just adjacent to the price field.

It is mandatory to cross-check the address and amount field again to avoid any complications and then click on the continue which appears on the top right corner of the trust wallet application.

  1. Confirm Transaction

The continue button of the previous step leads you to the transfer page. Here you can see the address that we copied in Step 2 along with the transfer fee.

Review once and click on confirm. This is it and that is all about how to transfer crypto from trust wallet to coin base.

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Balance Check on Coinbase for transferred Crypto from trust wallet

In the previous section, we step by step went through the complete procedure behind how to transfer crypto from trust wallet to coin base. In this section, we check whether our transferred crypto is safely reflected in our Coinbase account or not along with the recent transaction history related to the same transferred crypto.

Steps to follow:

  1. Wait for 5 minutes after the transaction as this is usually taken by a trust wallet to complete your transfer request. In case of congestion within the blockchain, the time might exceed up to 24 hrs but it is both rare and normal. Anyways after waiting, open Coinbase, and transfer crypto should get reflected in it.
  2. For checking recent transactions select your transferred crypto name under the watchlist after the chart section and you will be able to see the list of the recent transactions where the recent transfers that we have done in this guide show all the details.

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Well, this is pretty much all when it comes to how to transfer crypto from trust wallet to coin base.

One major thing to note here is that unlike trust wallet, Coinbase does not support Binance-pegged cryptocurrencies(BEP-20) and only has support for pure cryptocurrencies(ERC-20).

Apart from this, every detail that one requires related to the transfer from a trust wallet to Coinbase is packed in this article.


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