How to set price alerts on Coinbase 2022

How to set price alerts on Coinbase

It is overwhelming and confusing at the same time for a beginner investor that the notifications of prices of cryptocurrencies from Coinbase randomly show on the notifications tab.

Especially after the recent update in which Coinbase completely changes its mechanism of showing the notification of crypto prices.

This short guide not only tells you how to set price alerts on Coinbase 2022 with new mechanisms but also helps with managing them with appropriate techniques.

Previously Coinbase used a custom price range mechanism in which users need to set their price alerts for certain price changes and Coinbase shows alerts in the notification tab accordingly.

But with the recent update this year they implemented a new mechanism in which whenever your watched cryptocurrency has a significant swing within a short interval they show price alerts notification.

Understand Price alerts Setup in the newer Alert Mechanism

The new implementation of alert notification confuses investors as there are majorly 2 problems investors face:

How to set price alerts on Coinbase

Problem 1: There are no custom price alert setting options available now for their desired cryptocurrency price watch.

Solution: Well, in this case, we agreed that the old custom price set feature is no longer available instead Coinbase provides a better system that is the watchlist of your Coinbase account, in which all the crypto that you either purchased or are interested to purchase appears, act as a price alerting mechanism.

Problem 2: Most of the notifications look random and major price change notifications get mixed up with these extra random notifications.

Solution: This happens because in the newer notification system there are multiple notification options that one needs to tweak accordingly to get rid of mixed notification of price alerts with others like account activity, product updates, etc.

By now, we hope you get a general idea related to your doubts about why for quite some time your Coinbase notifications show up randomly, and instead of having a custom price alert system you are getting random price alerts.

So at this point, we successfully addressed the cause of the problem hence let’s move to how to set price alerts on Coinbase 2022 within the updated application of Coinbase.

Simple Steps to Set price alerts on Coinbase 2022

Step 1- Login to Coinbase

Open the Coinbase application and log in to your desired Coinbase account in which you want to see the price alerts systematically.

Step 2- Add Cryptos to the Watchlist

For setting up price alerts on the desired crypto, it is important to add that crypto into the watchlist section that is available right on the home screen and in the Trade section then select watchlist in the top options after the search bar in case you want to add price alerts for pairs like ETH-BTC, MATIC-BTC, etc.

NOTE: If you don’t know how to add crypto that you want to set for price alerts into the watchlist then see the later section of this article where it is elaborated in simple steps.

Step 3- Go to Profile and Settings

In the top left corner of the home screen tap on the hamburger menu icon(three vertical lines icon). select the Profile and Settings option from the appeared slider screen.

Step 4- Select Notification Settings

In the Profile and Settings section, there are various subsections and options available. In the Account subsection there is an option of Notification Settings, Tap on it.

Step 5- Setting Price Alerts

Here in the Customize Notifications subsection tap on the Price alerts option. With this next set of options, one can select the notifications type that they want to get for Price alerts specifically. By default, all three options are ON under the Preference option but you can select any one or two as per your comfort.

The catch here is that in the customize Notifications subsection on the previous screen here we selected Price alerts.

If you go back there you notice there are many options available like Account activity, product recommendations, and news and if you open all these options one by one you get the same options as inside Price alerts.

These options are Push, in-app, and email.

As these options are the same and all ON by default they mixed notifications with Price alerts notifications.

We recommend that there are push, in-app, and email options enabled in the Price alerts section, and the remaining all should have only email enabled so that they don’t mix with the main notifications of price alerts on the main screen of your device.

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With that our guide is complete with in-depth details about How to set price alerts on Coinbase 2022.

Adding Cryptos to the watchlist for Price Alerts

This guide about how to set price alerts on Coinbase 2022 remains incomplete for those who are stuck at the watchlist step because they are quite new with Coinbase and don’t know how to add cryptos to the watchlist for getting price alerts.

Don’t you worry follow with us and you learn this too in a few simple steps:

Step-1 Selecting a Crypto for Adding

First of all select a crypto that you want to add to the watchlist. It can be either selected from the home screen or from the trade section of the app which is the last 2nd option in the bottom tabs of the Coinbase application.

Either case, tap on the crypto or crypto pairs that you want to add.

Step-2 Star mark the selected crypto

For the selected crypto or crypto pair in the previous step, you see the price of that selected crypto, its charts, etc on the next screen. In the case of crypto pair, the options are more but more or less it is the same screen.

Now in front of the price, there is a star icon available, tap on it and make sure it turns blue.

Step-3 Check the watchlist for added crypto

That’s it you successfully added a crypto or crypto pair to the watchlist. In case you have added crypto the added crypto shows in the watchlist of home screen.

For crypto pairs selected from the trade section, the watchlist is available in the same trade tab, after the search bar and right next to the all pairs section which is by default selected.


One major thing to note while following this detailed guide about how to set price alerts on Coinbase 2022 is that sometimes even with appropriate instruction one might not be able to get the price alerts notification.

That happens because either your android or IOS restricts the Coinbase application from showing notifications. In that case, enable it in the main setting of the device.


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